MegaCrush Monday – Triceps Press on the Handlebars

Today we’re going to demonstrate proper form for the Triceps Press using the front handlebars on the megaformer. Your body position will be kneeling on the middle red line, with your feet resting against the edge of the carriage eyelets, and hands on the curved handlebars.

Hips should be forward, and torso holding a kneeling plank position, keeping the body in a straight line from the crown of the head to the knees.

Pressing into the handlebars, straighten out the arms as the carriage and body moves back and away from the front platform.


Then, bend the elbows to bring the carriage back in towards the front, keeping the elbows CLOSE TO THE SIDES of your body as the elbows bend. By having the elbows outward and away from the body, it takes the tension off the triceps and into the shoulders and chest.



Be sure to keep in mind:
-The torso does NOT bob up and down, body moves back and fourth on the carriage, constantly maintaining that plank position.
-Keep the lats engaged to support the spine
-Shoulders stay depressed into the lats
-Keep that core tight!

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