Lagree Fitness Moves

Our Favorite Moves at the Moment

The megaformer gives us a full body workout, with no crazy impact on your joints or spine. Get in the studio at least 3x a week, and we promise you’ll start seeing results. We’re going over our favorite Lagree moves that lift your booty, strengthen your core and sharpen your mind. Slow and steady, ladies!

The Super Crunch

Get your abs ready, because this is going to burn! A simple yet effective move, your abs will be screaming for more! We use a lighter weight on this move, but be sure to still keep it SLOWWW. This move targets your primary abs and secondary quads – double whammy! The super crunch is a basic, but creates results.


  • Extend the legs and lower the chest
  • Draw the knees and chest back together

Express Lunge

Test your balance and learn to trust your strength with the express lunge. You can’t hesitate on this move… trust your body and go for it. Primary muscles targeted are your hamstrings and glutes. Secondary muscles worked are your quads, core, and biceps. Focus up for this one. 


  • Bend the primary leg 90 degrees lowering down into a lunge
  • Straighten the leg and return to standing

Preacher Curls

This move is not too heavy or too light. Mostly focusing on the biceps, you use the carriage and your red cables to complete this elongating move. You can make this as hard or easy as you want… it is all about listening to your body! There are so many different variations and modifications for this move, which makes is more fun and challenging!


  • Keeping the elbows stationary, engage the biceps and squeeze the cables towards the shoulders

There are so many different moves that get us dripping in sweat. From tricep dips to bungee kicks, the megaformer will always kick our butts and give us that full body workout. Always challenge yourself to create longer, leaner and toner muscles. Just prepare to be addicted.


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