Lagree 101

So what exactly is this crazy workout you keep hearing about from all your friends? We’re getting back to the basics of Lagree. Mr. Sebastien Lagree is the man behind the killer slow and controlled movements found in our classes.

“If it’s not shaking, it’s not working.” This mantra has been made famous by the founder of Lagree Fitness. We couldn’t agree more! This workout is designed to stimulate your core, endurance, strength, flexibility, cardio and balance. The hustle never stops during our 50 minute Megaformer class.

Lagree Fitness is one of the world’s fastest growing workouts. A total​ ​body workout, Core Evolution focuses on SLOW and CONTROLLED movements using continuous tension. Your body is constantly shifting quickly from one move to the next. Don’t feel intimidated to try a class! This workout is designed for all fitness levels and ages. Our trainers provide variations to go harder or easier depending on your ability.

Our Lagree Fitness instructors promote classes using the following 5 elements to ensure a combination of a high intensity workout with full body conditioning:

RANGE OF MOTION: Full vs partial.
ANGLE: The angle at which the movement is performed.
TEMPO: How slow/fast the movement is performed.
DURATION: How long the movement is performed (30 seconds, 60 seconds, etc)

Lagree targets all those tiny muscles throughout your body, making you feel it in your upper body, lower body and everywhere in between. So come by the studio and visit us for 50 minutes to heighten your cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition and flexibility. We promise a good sweat and a booty burn.


Meet you at the Megaformer! 

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